After an extensive experience in heavy equipment and spare parts business in the EMEA market, SINTRA established a presence in Dubai to access additional markets and customers.

At SINTRA we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the construction equipment industry by supplying Genuine Spare Parts, new and reconditioned industrial engines and heavy equipment.

In addition, our Best-selling Scaling-Up Program (100 D.A.B.S) helps OEMs, Distributors and SMEs increase their Aftermarket revenue within 100Days. Our goal is to become one of the best solution providers and help our customers to enhance their operation and profitability by implementing innovative technologies.

Scalable Solutions for Construction Equipment

We bring to the market business solutions that minimize machinery downtime, boost productivity and maintain the highest standards of savings for our customers.

The following are some of our key differentiators:

Genuine Parts

100% Genuine Spare Parts and supplies for your equipment to ensure genuine performance.

2-Hour Quote Response Guarantee

Our customer service team will help your business get back up to speed with our guaranteed 2-hour Quote Response Time.

Supply Chain

Our fully automated Logistic Hubs located in Brussels, BE & Dubai, UAE, increase your operational efficiency and allow us to expand business activities into new markets.

Technical Consultancy Services

Our Technical Expertise is the backbone of our Value Proposition to your business. We utilize all the data that are the most cost effective and could, in the most efficient manner, deliver the most sustainable outcomes for enhanced business productivity.

IT Infrastructure

The delivery of our business services is supported by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that enable operational effectiveness to incoming business requests from our Partners and Customers.


Place an order, submit your Request For Quotation, or request technical assistance, anytime.
Our online support allows you to take care of business when you need it most.

Our Mission

“To provide the most highly effective consultative sales and service experience for construction equipment owners, contractors and fleet managers across MENA, seeking to enhance after-sales services.”

Our Vision

To become the #1 industrial solutions provider in MENA region offering a broad range of products and services within the field of construction equipment.
Based on our motto “Redefining After-Sales Excellence” we strive to create innovative solutions to help construction equipment owners, contractors and fleet managers optimize operational efficiency.

Our Values

Ethics, Transparency, Honesty, Reliable, Innovation.