Helping to Achieve your Business Objectives

At SINTRA, we understand that efficiency and reliability are key factors in the heavy equipment industry. That’s why we only offer genuine spare parts and state-of-the-art equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in the business. Our wide range of products and services include new equipment sales, equipment rentals, and expert repair and maintenance services.

But we don’t stop there. Our team also provides custom solutions, tailored to our customers’ specific needs. We are always happy to work with our customers to design and implement a customized solution that will meet their unique requirements and help them achieve their goals.

We also offer unparalleled after-sales service and support, ensuring that our customers have access to the resources they need to keep their equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Areas of Expertise

Market Research &
Business Development

One of the main challenges for OEMs and large Distributors is the business expansion into new territories.
At SINTRA, we possess extensive international experience allowing us to help our customers with their expansion and growing business plans.

– International Business Expansion: Maximizing International reach and optimizing business positioning by taking into account the multicultural and environmental considerations.

-Market Research: market segmentation analysis, competitive opportunities and threats, pricing position, legal compliance.

Sales &

– Products/Solutions Development: create a sales plan or launch a product sales strategy. Do you want to increase your Excavator market share?
SINTRA develops and deploys a clear and robust sales strategy to gain market share over short time period.

– Distribution Strategy: help OEMs and Distributors to establish the Right Distribution Channel within a country or territory.

– Branding: help customers build their own business brand or based on the EOMs specifications that will elevate business to the next level. Sintra handles all the details to effectively communicate and deliver your brand messages.

– E-Commerce: Provide best-in-class support to kick-start the online business of our customers.

– Loyalty Program: help OEMs, Distributors, SMEs in implementing a Loyalty Program to their customers and increase their portfolio and revenue.


Network & Logistic Optimization: Enable the best supply network solutions to improve efficiency and performance, ensuring that your CAPEX remain under control.

Inventory Management: applying the best process to achieve an efficient stock inventory order management, stock control and replenishment.

Suppliers Management: help customers with their buying decisions and purchase contract negotiations and assist with budget, forecast ensuring a smooth process and sustainable supply.

Who Will Benefit?


  • OEMs looking to develop and reinforce Dealers’ Performances & Distribution Channel
  • Engagement Strategies & Best Practices implementation applied by Top-Tier OEMs
  • Help OEMs develop an extended enterprise type of relationship with their dealers
  • Dealers’ evaluation with regard to OEM requirements


  • Distributors/Dealers looking to enhance their Business Capabilities and Grow their Sales & Profit
  • Cost-effective solution to implement Business Operational Excellence
  • Ensuring rapid kick-off to newly appointed Distributors/Dealers
  • Review OEMs evaluation criteria against Distributors/Dealers performance
  • Strategic approach towards Products development

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

  • SMEs looking to enhance their overall Business Operation with best in class tools and strategies
  • “One-Stop-Shop” project
  • Efficient and cost effective solution to achieve excellent business outcomes