In 100 Days

Key Features


Global and local practices and experiences accumulated as a result of Sintra’s in-depth expertise in management and business development


Highly Interactive, Engaging Content, Real-life Scenario, Based Learning, Best Practices, Case Studies, Smart Tracking Technology

Program Structure
  • Stage I: Kick-Off and Gap Analysis
  • Stage II: Work Plan and Implementation
  • Stage III: Monitor and Control
Key Focused Areas
  • After-Sales and Marketing
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Performance Metrics
  • Strategies and Management

Introduction to the Program

In today’s challenging world most organizations are dealing with roadblocks that limit their capacities to deliver sustainable growth and achieve Business Excellence in their operation.

Innovated practices apply not only to the internal business environment, to simplify the processes and workflow, but also to the external business environment, to increase efficiency, revenue and profitability.

SINTRA has developed a robust Scaling-Up Program to create a strong organizational foundation that will help optimize and Grow your Aftermarket Business with a customer-centric approach.

Who Will Benefit?


  • OEMs looking to develop Dealers’ Aftermarket performance & distribution channel
  • Engagement Strategies & Best Practices implementation applied by Top-Tier OEMs
  • Help OEMs develop an extended enterprise type of relationship with their dealers
  • Dealers’ evaluation with regard to OEM requirements


  • Distributors/Dealers looking to enhance their Aftermarket capabilities
  • Cost-effective solution to implement operational Excellence in Aftermarket business
  • Ensuring rapid kick-off to newly appointed Distributors/Dealers
  • Review OEMs evaluation criteria against Distributors/Dealers performance

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

  • SMEs looking to invest in the lucrative Aftermarket business
  • “One-Stop-Shop” project
  • Efficient and cost effective solution to achieve excellent business outcomes

Expected Program Outcomes

Organizations will learn to optimize Aftermarket Service operations by creating an innovated ecosystem which tackles the most critical internal and external business challenges. It will help Parts and Service Departments and Business Owners to upgrade their professional standards and develop a strategy to improve and grow the profitability of the company.

Why choose this Program?

We bring to market revolutionary business solutions that create value for the Aftermarket business.
Our long term experience in the Heavy Equipment Industry, allows us to identify customers pain points and propose sustainable business models to drive profitability and enhance go-to-market strategy.