• Spare Parts:
    • Genuine Spare Parts: Komatsu, Eaton, Vickers.
    • Replacement Spare Parts: IPD, CTP
    • Attachments: Soosan breakers
  • Technical Expertise and Parts Management:
    • RSP lists, interchangeability, cross references, etc…
    • Sales & Technical training and coaching of all Parts Sales terminal. counter parts staff.
    • Inventory Management
    • Forecasting & Business Development

Technical Expertise

We help our customers improve their spare parts operation. This includes sales & marketing, technical & salestraining to sales forces, forecasting, logistic, warehouse management system (WMS).

  • Spare Parts Pricing:

We help our customers identify the right price positioning of their parts business by a complete survey of their respective markets, reviewing the full strategy and goals.

  • Sales Training & Coaching

We help our customers enhance the knowledge and competencies of their spare parts sales team by providing general sales training as well as very specific and targeted sales & technical training. The overall performance of the company is dramatically improved which is translated into a business growth and a more sustainable business.

  • Forecasting and business development

At SINTRA we have the expertise and markets knowledge to help our customers identify and predict the future growth trend and their future business development model.

We have the tools and together with our customers to identify the most accurate forecast for their parts business. This has a direct impact on our customer’s financial performance as we make sure that only necessary investments and capex are done.